Understanding PDA workshop – University of Nottingham


Tuesday April 21st 2020 10am-4pm University of Nottingham.

The Autism Research Team at the University of Nottingham are organising a workshop on Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) in collaboration with PARC (Participatory Autism Research Collective) members Damian Milton and Richard Woods.

Eventbrite page for registration click here.

About this event:

Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) has been an elusive term and still remains poorly theorised and understood. While some argue PDA may be a sub-type of autism or even a distinct condition in itself, others view PDA as neither of these and contend that it may be a varied phenomenon. The goal of this workshop is to facilitate discussion on PDA to elucidate a deeper understanding of the key issues surrounding this topic.
The aims of the workshop will be to:

Bring together clinicians, academics, and autistic individuals either working in the field of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) or with an interest in this area.
Facilitate discussion about the relationship between PDA, Autism and Anxiety.
Develop ideas for new collaborative research projects or professional partnerships.

Invited speakers include:
Richard Woods (Autistic scholar-activist)
Damian Milton (Chair of PARC; Autistic scholar-activist; Lecturer at University of Kent)
Vincent Egan (Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, University of Nottingham)
Keith Howie (Consultant Educational Psychologist)
Jonathon Green (Clinical Consultant on PDA, University of Manchester)
Harry Thompson (Advocate for PDA and neurodiversity)

A buffet lunch will be provided (Please indicate any dietary restrictions).
Small groups discussions will follow the presentations and lunch.

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