Survey of autistic school staff working in an education role in the UK


Below is a short, anonymous online survey for autistic adults who either work, or have worked in an education role in a school in the UK. This is a pilot survey, the aim of which is to get an initial idea of the sorts of education roles which autistic people have in schools and the kinds of issues they face. I hope that the survey will enable me to develop a more detailed and in-depth project on this issue in the future, for which I will be seeking funding. The overall idea is to understand better what needs to be done to help autistic school staff in their work and careers and enable better recruitment and retention of autistic staff, which in turn could benefit autistic children too.
This survey was itself devised with significant input from a committee of three autistic adults (two teachers and one who visits schools in a professional capacity), who agreed the final version. It has also been agreed following the rigorous ethical review processes of King’s College London.

Please note that the survey is live until 22nd December 2019.

Thanks, Dr Rebecca Wood.

The link is here:

Meanwhile, in America: From “Combating Autism” to “Autism CARES,” The Language Has Evolved. What About the Substance?


By Alessandra Suuberg

This fall in the United States, the federal government allocated $1.8 billion to autism research, authorizing a five-year extension of the Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Research, Education and Support (CARES) Act[1]. Continue reading

The Neurodiversity Reader – Call for Submissions


The Neurodiversity Reader – Call for Submissions
Twenty years on – tracing the influence of the neurodiversity movement on theory and practice.

This is a call for submissions for an upcoming publication with Pavilion Press in association with PARC. Deadline for submissions of full drafts is August 30th 2019. Selected submissions will be taken forward for the published reader, whilst others will be published on the PARC website in a series of blogs (providing they do not contain material considered offensive by the editors).

Submissions should be between 1500 and 7000 words. Submissions do not have to be academic in nature and we would suggest to authors to write in an accessible style in order to be of value to a broad audience. Please send submissions to Continue reading

PARC conference 4th June schedule announcement


In partnership with the Critical Autism and Disabilities Studies (CADS) Research Group at London South Bank University (LSBU). Third Critical Autism Studies Conference. 04-07-19.

Funded and hosted by LSBU.

K2 Building. Southwark Campus. Room Vg10.

The schedule of presentations for the upcoming critical autism studies conference on the 4th June at Keyworth Centre, Keyworth Road, London South Bank University (LSBU) can be seen below.  Registration for this event is available here. Continue reading