So who exactly is at risk?


By Dr. Damian E M Milton

It has come to my attention that the NICE guidelines on Autism and guidance from the Royal College of Psychiatrists on Autism were not published until 2014. Thus the clinician in this case could not have disregarded them, and I apologise for this mistake and have updated the blog post. However, I still think the contrast is striking.

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Autistic Terror: On “Impact”, and its Academic and Everyday Socio-Political Implications for Researched Communities


By Gill Loomes

“Are autistic people at greater risk of being radicalized? Those with the condition could be more likely to become ‘lone wolf’ terrorists”

So read a headline in the Daily Mail newspaper on Friday, 23rd June 2017.

My neighbours read the Daily Mail.

My neighbours know that I’m autistic, and that my life involves personal, professional and academic autism-related activism.

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‘Perspectives on Autism’ blog for Autistic Pride


Sunday 18th June was the 12th annual celebration of Autistic Pride. In order to mark the day, some ‘ Autistics in Academia’ produced this collaborative blog – as an opportunity to show and celebrate the research work we are doing across different institutions in the UK, and our commitment to the promotion of Neurodiversity and inclusion in academia. Continue reading