Guest speaker Dr. Stephen Shore – PARC meeting 15th Jan 2018


We will be holding a meeting on the 15th January 2018 at London South Bank University, K2 Building, Keyworth Street, Room V211, 2-7pm. Places are limited so please email to reserve a place at the event. The theme of the meeting will be ‘Building on our strengths’ and we are glad to say that we will be being joined by Dr. Stephen Shore, who will also be giving a presentation, as well as Dr. Kristie Koenig and students from New York University. Continue reading




Conference – save the date: Friday 18th May.

There is growing interest amongst both autistic and non-autistic academics, but also, and crucially, in autistic (online) community spaces and discussions, concerning the intersection of the autistic experience with sexuality, gender, and identity.  This remains, however, an under-discussed area within academia.  With the current shift in thinking towards explorations of neurodiversity, which celebrates autism as an inseparable part of identity (Kapp et al., 2013), and an increasing awareness of the cultural, social, and political tensions at work around autism, it seems timely to organise a conference on this theme. This conference will be of interest to academics in autism studies, gender and sexuality studies, professionals who work with autistic individuals (psychologists, teachers, support workers etc.), allies and family members of autistic individuals, advocates, and, crucially, autistic individuals themselves. Continue reading

PARC to host the Hub 1 Theatre and ‘Autism Meets’ space at the Autism Shows in 2018

News / Events

PARC have agreed to host and manage the talks by autistic speakers at the Hub 1 Theatre as well as the ‘Autism Meets’ space at the Autism Show 2018 at all three venues (London 15th-16th June, Birmingham 22nd-23rd June, and Manchester 29th-30th June). The ‘Autism Meets’ space will be available for speakers to talk to audience members before and after their main talks, and where speakers will be able to sell their own services and materials if applicable. Continue reading

New dates for meetings in Birmingham


Tues 17th Oct 5-8pm, at BCU, Creating a more autism friendly H.E. environment, Seacole Room 302, City South Campus.

Venue and themes for further meetings in the New Year to be confirmed.

Anyone wishing to attend, please email to reserve a place.

All participants who wish to arrange a parking space, please let us know asap.


PARC autumn meetings


On the 12th September and 17th October at Birmingham City University (South Campus) we are hoping to hold meetings which will likely be on the theme of wellbeing. Details to be confirmed.

19th September at London South Bank University – ‘Building research networks’, 4.30-7pm, K2 building, Keyworth Street, Room V211.

3rd October at London South Bank University – ‘Autism and suicidality’, 4.30-7pm, K2 building, Keyworth Street, Room V211.

Email to reserve a place at either of the London events. Talks will include time for questions and discussion. Reports from these meetings will be posted on the website. Continue reading



8th-11th August, Northampton

Autscape is a conference with a difference. Rather than talking to a primarily non-autistic audience about autism, this conference is specifically by and for autistic people. Some of it isn’t even about autism at all! Non-autistic people are also welcome, but the environment and content of the event are centred around autistic people’s needs, interests and sensitivities.

For more information about the Autscape Conference you can visit the website: