Attempting to lift the veil of secrecy over AIMS-2


Written by: Panda Mery, Dinah Murray & Kabie Brook

The Autism Innovative Medicine Studies-2-Trials (AIMS-2-Trials) was launched as the largest ever grant given to autism research on June 18th. Two weeks ago, we wrote some questions about this project and the autistic representation and monitoring, if any. Dr James Cusack, Director of Science, Autistica wrote a response that answered only some of our questions. Some people commented on both these posts (below each). Continue reading

Response from Dr. James Cusack to concerns regarding Autistica’s involvement in AIMS-2


Thank you to Panda, Dinah and Kabie for their post and to Damian for the opportunity to post here. It’s really good to have a nuanced discussion about Autistica’s involvement in AIMS-2-TRIALS. We are taking on board a variety of views, some critical, some undecided and some very supportive. All of these views are valid and will inform how we move forward. Continue reading

PARC Critical Autism Studies Conference 18th July – Schedule Announced


The PARC Critical Autism Studies Conference will be held at London South Bank University (LSBU) on the 18th July from 9.30am – 7pm, Keyworth Building, Keyworth Street. Places are limited, but if you wish to register to attend please email damianmilton.sociology@yahoo. com. Please see below for the schedule of speakers: Continue reading

Special Issue Call for papers from Advances in Autism: Inclusive educational practice for autistic learners


This special issue of the journal Advances in Autism aims to bring together leading experts and cutting-edge research in the field of education with autistic students across the age range in order to further research knowledge that is transferable to teaching practice. Continue reading

Launch of the National Autistic Taskforce


The launch of the National Autistic Taskforce (NAT) was announced at an event at the House of Lords on 12th December 2017. The following is a speech that was made introducing NAT by Dr. Damian Milton who will be taking up the position of Project Leader. Continue reading

Creating a More Autism Friendly HE Environment – meeting report


By Dr. Susy Ridout

The second PARC event held at Birmingham City University (October 17th) explored Creating a More Autism Friendly HE Environment. Speaker Jonathan Gadsby was invited to talk about the ‘Survivor Movement’ in mental health and how information from work in this area might inform research and debate in the area of autism. Continue reading

PARC to host the Hub 1 Theatre and ‘Autism Meets’ space at the Autism Shows in 2018

News / Events

PARC have agreed to host and manage the talks by autistic speakers at the Hub 1 Theatre as well as the ‘Autism Meets’ space at the Autism Show 2018 at all three venues (London 15th-16th June, Birmingham 22nd-23rd June, and Manchester 29th-30th June). The ‘Autism Meets’ space will be available for speakers to talk to audience members before and after their main talks, and where speakers will be able to sell their own services and materials if applicable. Continue reading