PARC Critical Autism Studies Conference Programme – 7th June 2021


Following on from the conferences on Critical Autism Studies (CAS) that were held at LSBU in 2017, 2018 and 2019, the Participatory Autism Research Collective, in partnership with the Critical Autism and Disabilities Studies Research Group at LSBU, are delivering this free online conference open to anyone with an interest in this area.

Provisional programme

9am – Welcome & housekeeping – Neil Hudson-Basing, Corporate Events Manager, LSBU

9.05am – Intro & scene setting – Fabienne, Nicki & Damian

9.15am – Poetry reading – Hazzard

9.40am – Quality Matters, Says who? An exploration of the lived experience of autistic people, with a focus on what in their life is good, what contributes to this and whether this differs from regulating standards’ – Cairi McKenzie.

10.05am – Q&A.

10.15am – How do autistic adults without an accompanying learning disability experience the existing care, ongoing education, employment and support pathways – Co-researcher group

10.40am – Modelling Effective Inclusivity by ‘Responsiveness as Responsibility’ – Donna-Lee Ida, Krysia Waldock and Susie Bass

11.05am – Q&A.

11.15am – Comfort break.

11.30am – “Music” – a ‘love letter’ to the autistic community? A critical analysis of autistic perception of media representation – Kirsty Turner

11.55am – The Neurocultures Collective: co-creating a film – members of the Neurocultures Collective and Steven Eastwood

12.20pm – Q&A.

12.30pm – Comfort break

1pm – “Autisme-Soutien” – an online social support service provided by autistic adults to autistic adults – Marjorie Désormeaux-Moreau and Isabelle Courcy

1.25pm – Autists Serving Autists: Transforming Services by Removing Barriers – Maxfield Sparrow

1.50pm – Q&A

2pm – Closing remarks

This conference will be delivered via Zoom Webinar. We will send out the joining instructions on the Thursday before the event (3rd June).

Registration for the conference is through the following link: PARC Critical Autism Studies Conference 2021 Tickets, Mon 7 Jun 2021 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

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