PARC conference 4th June schedule announcement


In partnership with the Critical Autism and Disabilities Studies (CADS) Research Group at London South Bank University (LSBU). Third Critical Autism Studies Conference. 04-07-19.

Funded and hosted by LSBU.

K2 Building. Southwark Campus. Room Vg10.

The schedule of presentations for the upcoming critical autism studies conference on the 4th June at Keyworth Centre, Keyworth Road, London South Bank University (LSBU) can be seen below.  Registration for this event is available here.

The conference will be co-chaired between Damian Milton (chair of PARC) and Nicola Martin (CADS research group lead LSBU).

9.30 – Welcome and registration

10.00 – Experiences of Applied Behavioural Analysis – Rosie Greco

10.30 – Re-thinking educational inclusion through an interest model of pedagogy – Rebecca Wood

11.00 – Autistic Development Theory: A New Model to Understand Autistic Development – Ruth Howard

11.30 – Break

11.45 – Autism and Opportunism: How the Autism Industry Works – Anne-Marie Gregory

12.15 – The Autistic Birth Experience – Hayley Morgan and Emma Durman

12.45 – Lunch

1.15 – How to effectively support young women and girls on the autistic spectrum going through adolescence – Holly Maby

1.45 – Really Atypical? Autism and Gender In Tension – Toby Atkinson

2.15 – Autistic observable and unobservable experiences, and the erroneous use of biological sex as a method to differentiate autistics: Introducing the Internal-External Autistic Space – Chloe Farahar and Annette Foster

2.45 – Break

3.00 – A Pathological Demand Avoidance: What and Who are being pathologized and in whose interests?- Allison Moore

3.30 – Demand Avoidance Phenomenon (Pathological Demand Avoidance): an ethical challenge to its orthodoxy – Richard Woods

4.00 – Break

4.15 – Reflections on Neurodiversity, 20 years on – Judy Singer

4.45 – Plenary discussion and closing remarks. – Damian Milton

5.00 – Close

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