PARC Critical Autism Studies Conference 18th July – Schedule Announced


The PARC Critical Autism Studies Conference will be held at London South Bank University (LSBU) on the 18th July from 9.30am – 7pm, Keyworth Building, Keyworth Street. Places are limited, but if you wish to register to attend please email damianmilton.sociology@yahoo. com. Please see below for the schedule of speakers:

9.30 – Welcome and registration

10.00 – Introduction to PARC and Critical Autism Studies. – Dr. Damian Milton

10.30 – The Wrong Kind of Noise: Understanding the Communication of Autistic Children in Schools. – Dr. Rebecca Wood

11.00 – How Buying Baguettes Cured My Autism. – Peter Crosbie

11.30 – Break

11.45 – The Problems and Practices of Professionals and Care Workers working with Clients who are sexually active but not legally able to consent to sex – Dr. Allison Moore and Paul Reynolds

12.15 – Not doing it properly? Tracking assumptions of healthy couple intimacy through an exploration of narratives of “non-sociable” autistic sexualities – Dr. Hanna Bertilsdotter Rosqvist & David Jackson-Perry

12.45 – Lunch

1.45 – Involving Autistic Campaigners in Participative Research. – Dr. Marion Hersh

2.15 – Is the cart leading the horse in participatory research? – Caroline Hearst

2.45 – Break

3.00 – An investigation into the importance of protodeclarative gestures as an indicator in ASD assessment. – Hayley Morgan

3.30 – Autistic Adults with Profound Learning Disabilities: Negotiating the ‘Third Space’ of Inclusive Research. – Ned Redmore

4.00 – Break

4.15 – Neurodiversity Movement and Pathological Demand Avoidance: The clash of two competing biopower technologies in action. – Richard Woods

4.45 – Plenary discussion and closing remarks. – Dr. Damian Milton

5.15 – Drinks reception and celebration of partnership between PARC and Pavilion Press.


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