Report on Autism, Identity and Violence workshops


The third PARC workshop on Autism, Identity and Violence focused on issues of institutionalised violence.

We had two presentations from Anne-Marie Gregory and Ken Searle. Anne-Marie’s talk was entitled “Autism is not a need: Autism, Identity and Institutionalising violence in Lincolnshire” and discussed the ways in which the local council is disregarding the needs of autistic children by making all autism specific schools “all needs” schools. Ken Searle’s talk was entitled “Inclusion and Exclusion within University spaces” and shared information about ways in which University of Birmingham’s attempts to improve the campus for “all its students” may work against students who are disable or LGBTQ+. The talks were not livestreamed on the day (due to technical difficulties) but for those who might be interested in accessing them they can be found here: . You can use the hashtag #PARCBirmingham to join the discussion on these topics.

Our next Birmingham workshop is going to be on Gender Identity and our presenters are going to be Olivia Astrid Pountney whose talk is going to be entitled “Transmisogyny and autistic discourse” and Toris Aslow who will discuss their experiences as an autistic non-binary individual. You can register for our workshop here:

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