PARC to host the Hub 1 Theatre and ‘Autism Meets’ space at the Autism Shows in 2018

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PARC have agreed to host and manage the talks by autistic speakers at the Hub 1 Theatre as well as the ‘Autism Meets’ space at the Autism Show 2018 at all three venues (London 15th-16th June, Birmingham 22nd-23rd June, and Manchester 29th-30th June). The ‘Autism Meets’ space will be available for speakers to talk to audience members before and after their main talks, and where speakers will be able to sell their own services and materials if applicable.

If you are interested in speaking at one of the Autism Shows in 2018 please email with your ideas or proposal (no more than 300 words) and which venue you would like to speak at. Preference will be given to those whose proposed talks can give practical advice and information to the Autism Show audience. No speaker fees are available, but speakers will be reimbursed travel expenses to and from the venue. Each speaking session will last thirty minutes, including five minutes for questions, with a fast turnaround between talks. Sound is relayed to the audience through wireless headphones in order to reduce overall noise levels in the hall. All applications will need to be received by the 15th February.

PARC will also be running a small stall at the events. If you would like to volunteer to help manage either the PARC or ‘Autism Meets’ stalls in exchange for an ‘exhibitor pass’ to the event, or wish to be part of the organising committee for PARC’s involvement in these events, please also email

Park View Events who organise the Autism Show will also be liaising with PARC and relevant venues to explore the possibility of having an external yurt space to act as a quiet space for autistic people to meet or unwind.


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